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2014 Saints Draft
Rd  Pick Player/Pos.
1 (20)  Brandin Cooks WR
2 (58)  Stan Jean-Baptiste CB
4 (126)  Kahri Fortt ILB
5 (167)  Vinnie Sunseri SS
5 (169)  Ronald Powell DE
6 (202)  Tavon Rooks OT


2014 Schedule
(All Times CDT)
Date Opponent Time
8/8 @Rams 7:00
8/15 TITANS 7:00
8/23 @Colts 7:00
8/28 RAVENS 7:00
Regular Season
(All Times CDT)
Date Opponent Time
9/7 @Atlanta 12:00
9/14 @Browns 12:00
9/21 VIKINGS 12:00
9/28 @Cowboys 7:30
10/5 TAMPA 12:00
--- BYE ---
10/19 @Lions 12:00
10/26 PACKERS 7:30
10/30 @Panthers 7:25
11/9 SAN FRAN 12:00
11/16 BENGALS 12:00
11/24 RAVENS 7:30
11/30 @Steelers 12:00
12/7 CAROLINA 12:00
12/15 @Bears 7:30
12/21 FALCONS 12:00
12/28 @Tampa 12:00
Post Season
(All Times CDT)
Date Opponent Time
Team Center
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2013 Schedule
(All Times CDT)
Date Opponent Time
8/9 CHIEFS Win
8/16 RAIDERS Win
8/25 @Texans Win
8/29 @Dolphins Loss
Regular Season
(All Times CDT)
Date Opponent Time
9/15 @Tampa Win
9/22 ARIZONA Win
9/30 MIAMI Win
10/6 @Chicago Win
10/13 @Patriots Loss
--- BYE ---
10/27 BUFFALO Win
11/3 @Jets Loss
11/10 DALLAS Win
11/17 SAN FRAN Win
11/21 @Atlanta Win
12/2 @Seattle Loss
12/15 @St.Louis Loss
12/22 @Carolina Loss
12/29 TAMPA Win
Post Season
(All Times CDT)
Date Opponent Time
1/4 @Eagles Win
1/11 @Seattle Loss
2013 Saints Draft
Rd  Pick Player/Pos.
1 (15)  Kenny Vaccaro S
3 (75)  Terron Armstead T
3 (82)  John Jenkins DT
5 (144)  Kenny Stills WR
6 (183)  Rufus Johnson DE
The Latest News
Sean Payton: Vikings won't abandon the run with Adrian Peterson out Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On Yesterday 11:09 AM

Full Story – Nola.Com

Norv Turner was the first offensive coordinator Drew Brees ever had in the NFL.

Brees spent his rookie season with the San Diego Chargers in 2001 as a backup to Doug Flutie.

By the time he won the job in 2002, Turner had moved on to the Miami Dolphins.

By the time Turner returned to the Chargers as head coach in 2007, Brees had moved on to the New Orleans Saints.

By Evan Woodbery / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
Rob Ryan: 'On me' to fix Saints' defense Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On Yesterday 11:06 AM

Full Story –ESPN.Com

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan reiterated Friday that the New Orleans Saints' early struggles are "on us" as a defense -- and "on me" in particular.

"Hey, those are the facts," Ryan said during his weekly visit with the media. "You don’t like to admit ‘em standing up here, but it’s the damn truth. ...

"We want to be great on defense, we want to be a little tiny part of our success. And we’ve been a big part of our failure right now. It’s not how we’re going to roll."

By Mike Triplett / ESPN

Full Story –ESPN.Com
Bengals Devon Still touched by Saints Sean Payton's gesture Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-19-2014 01:52 PM

Full Story – Examiner.Com

Devon Still of the Cincinnati Bengals has had a roller coaster of a ride for the past few weeks, but his overwhelmed life has been touched by the generosity of humankind. That is especially true of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton who purchased 100 of his jerseys to help pediatric cancer research. For the first time, Still got to actually speak with Payton and show his appreciation.

The sales of Still's jerseys have now gone over $500,000. He has no idea how to thank everyone, and he got to talk to Coach Payton on ESPN's "Mike & Mike" on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 18, 2014.

"I just wanted to thank you for really stepping up to help support this cause," Still told Payton. "I'm pretty sure you know how many families and how many children you're helping out with this. And it's just showing the world how it's not all about how competitive you can be on the field, it's about what you can do to help out humanity. And I really appreciate you doing what you did."

By Danny Cox / New Orleans Saints Examiner

Full Story – Examiner.Com
Drew Brees says not all NFL players are 'brutes' Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-19-2014 01:48 PM

Full Story – Examiner.Com

The NFL is currently dealing with a lot of bad situations including child abuse, domestic abuse, and others. NFL analyst Jay Glazer recently talked about how all the fun has been taken out of football in the first two weeks. Now, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has spoken out and wants the world to know that not all professional football players are bad guys.

Stereotypes are running wild at this time, and the scandals aren't helping much of anything or anyone. Brees knows that people go through some tough times and do things that are wrong, but he doesn't feel as if the NFL should be looked at in an overly bad light.

"What I hope doesn't happen as a result of this is that the perception of NFL players is that we're a bunch of brutes and that we're beating our wives and abusing our children. And that's not [the case]," said Brees, a former longtime NFL Players Association leader.

By Danny Cox / New Orleans Saints Examiner

Full Story – Examiner.Com
With Mark Ingram out, Khiry Robinson 'fired up' to show growth from rookie year to now Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-19-2014 12:11 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram somehow managed to play an entire half with a broken bone in his hand last Sunday, then patiently fielded post-game questions in the locker room without betraying the slightest bit of pain.

"I did not know (he was injured)," said teammate Pierre Thomas. "I don't know if he knew."

There's a fine line in the NFL between being hurt and being injured, and Ingram might not have known he was in the latter category until an X-ray confirmed the fracture.

By Evan Woodbery / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
The Saints know opening 0-2 differs from a simple two-game slide Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-19-2014 12:01 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

Two-game losing streaks happen to the best of the best in the NFL. Yes, Super Bowl champions have lost two consecutive games at some point during a season.

The 2012 Baltimore Ravens lost four of their last five regular season games with a three-game skid beginning the landslide. The 2011 New York Giants went 1-5 at one point late in the season with a four-game skid packed in there.

Closer to home, the New Orleans Saints lost their last three regular season contests in 2009 en route to winning Super Bowl XLIV.

By Larry Holder / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
First and 10: New Orleans Saints continue to lack takeaways at an alarming pace Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-19-2014 12:00 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

I'm looking for New Orleans Saints takeaways. Has anyone seen them? Anyone? Anyone?

They almost don't exist.

Since Week 9 last season, the Saints have just five takeaways in 13 games including the postseason and have created only one turnover this season. It's a turnover margin of minus-12 as the Saints and the offense/special teams units have given the ball back to opponents 17 times in the same span.

The Saints' overall record since the disappearing act at last season's midpoint has been slightly less than average as New Orleans is only 6-7 in that timeframe.

By Larry Holder / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
No City Is More Devoted To Its Local NFL Team Than New Orleans Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-18-2014 01:55 PM

Full Story – Business Insider.Com

No city rallies more around its local NFL team than New Orleans with an average of 45.2% of all households in the local television market tuned into Saints games the first two weeks of the season.

Excluding the TV ratings for primetime broadcasts, the Green Bay Packers are the only other team to draw more than 40% of the local households. At the other end, fewer than 10% of local households in the Bay Area have tuned in to watch the Oakland Raiders play so far this season.

Of course, this doesn't reflect the total number of people watching games. Rather it is just a reflection of how much of the local population is into the NFL.

By Cork Gaines / Business Insider

Full Story – Business Insider.Com
New Orleans Saints preparing for less explosive Minnesota Vikings offense without Adrian Peterson Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-18-2014 01:52 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

With Minnesota Vikings All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson officially out of Sunday's contest against the Saints, it's a long drop-off in talent to the next running back.

Peterson is sitting out his second straight game after being placed on the exempt/commissioner's list Wednesday while he is under investigation for a charge of reckless or negligent injury to his child.

On Monday, Peterson was cleared to play against the Saints.

"It's probably better to know that now than to find it out later in the week and try to prepare for all the different scenarios," Saints coach Sean Payton said Monday.

By Katherine Terrell / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
Once lopsided, Saints-Vikings series has been close since 2001 Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-18-2014 01:49 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

The Minnesota Vikings have beaten the New Orleans Saints 20 times in 30 meetings, including three postseason matchups.

But a series that was once punctuated by Vikings' blowouts has been exceedingly close since 2001.

Since the 2001 season, the Saints are 4-4 against the Vikings (not counting a playoff game they lost after the 2000 season) and three of the four losses were by a touchdown or less.

By Evan Woodbery / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
The New Orleans Saints' Season Is Far From Over Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-16-2014 01:12 PM

Full Story – Bleacher Report.Com

Contrary to popular belief, the New Orleans Saints’ season is not over. However, if you haven’t heard the statistic yet about teams that start 0-2, here it comes:

Since 1990, only 12 percent of NFL teams (23 of 198) have made the playoffs

One might wonder, who are some of these teams? Let’s look at the historic Super Bowl teams that started 0-2 and ended up with some Super Bowl glory that you might have heard about.

1993 Dallas Cowboys, won Super Bowl XXVIII

Game 1 (9/6/93) – Lost 35-16 on road to Washington Redskins
Game 2 (9/12/93) – Lost 13-10 at home to Buffalo Bills
Game 3 (9/19/93) – Won 17-10 on road against Phoenix Cardinals

After starting 0-2, the Cowboys would win seven straight, and finish 12-4. Continued..

By Larry Holder / Bleacher Report

Full Story – Bleacher Report.Com
Patrick Robinson's struggles continue Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-16-2014 07:27 AM

Full Story –ESPN.Com

As New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton said after Sunday's 26-24 loss to the Cleveland Browns, cornerback Patrick Robinson was hardly the only one with "muddy hands."

But no individual player will be more under the microscope going forward than the Saints' No. 2 cornerback, who was demoted to the role of nickel cornerback after two blown coverages in the first quarter Sunday.

"He's an easy target. I'm sure there's a ton of stuff he'll want to clean up. But there's a lot of muddy hands just to be singling out one player," Payton said. "He's gonna work to improve, and we've gotta look overall at how we're helping not just him, but the rest of those guys."

By Mike Triplett / ESPN

Full Story –ESPN.Com
Rob Ryan: We’re killing the team right now Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-16-2014 07:21 AM

Full Story –ESPN.Com

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan pointed the blame for the New Orleans Saints' 0-2 start squarely toward himself and the defense during an interview on the WWL Radio coaches' show on Monday night.

Like Sean Payton did earlier in the day, Ryan pointed to the defense's inability to finish and to assignment errors that have plagued the team in certain situations.

"Every two-minute situation we've had this year, we've blown," Ryan said, pointing to the end of both halves in Week 1 at Atlanta and the final drive in Sunday's 26-24 loss to the Cleveland Browns. "We want to be a great defense, and great defenses always finish. And that's something you just have to point the finger at us, and we have to get corrected."

By Mike Triplett / ESPN

Full Story –ESPN.Com
Saints' Mark Ingram keeps running hot Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-15-2014 08:05 PM

Full Story – New Orleans Saints.Com

CLEVELAND -- Whatever had New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram so upset on the sideline last week, he seems to have sprinted past it.

Ingram had another terrific performance Sunday as he's off to the best start yet in his four-year career. He ran the ball 11 times for 83 yards and a touchdown and caught three passes for 21 yards in the Saints' 26-24 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Afterward, Ingram spoke with the media for the first time in more than a week. And though he didn't offer any specific details about what had him throwing his helmet and stalking away from coaches and teammates on the sideline the previous week in Atlanta, Ingram generally explained that it was an example of his competitive nature.

By John DeShazier / New Orleans Saints.Com

Full Story – New Orleans Saints.Com
Mickey Loomis breaks down Saints draft picks, undrafted rookies on 53-man roster Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-15-2014 06:07 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis spoke to the Greater New Orleans Quarterback Club on Monday afternoon and took time to break down each of the Saints 2014 draft picks and the two undrafted rookies that made the team's 53-man roster.

Here's what Loomis had to say about each of them:

Wide receiver Brandin Cooks

"You've been able to see in the first two weeks that he's had an impact on our team. This guy is a very unique talent. He has a great combination of speed. He's very fast. He's got very good quickness and elusiveness. He's got great toughness.

By Andrew Lopez / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis: 'There's no way to sugarcoat being 0-2' Posted By: mvtrucking Posted On 09-15-2014 06:04 PM

Full Story – Nola.Com

Even New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis acknowledges there isn't anything pretty about losing the first two games of the 2014 regular season.

"There's no way to sugarcoat being 0-2," Loomis said as he addressed the Greater New Orleans Quarterback Club on Monday afternoon.

Loomis was speaking one day after the Saints' 26-24 defeat to Cleveland that dropped New Orleans to 0-2 on the season.

He also pointed out that no one in the organization was placing the losses solely on the defense.

By Andrew Lopez / Times-Picayune

Full Story – Nola.Com
Original Stories
Saints defense must show up -- Mike Detillier
Posted On 09-14-2014

Saints defense must show up

By Mike Detillier

I must admit due to the high expectations from virtually everyone locally and nationally, the 37-34 loss by the New Orleans Saints to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime last week has to be the most disappointing season-opener in the Sean Payton era.

When you score 34 points in an NFL game you are expected to win. Yes, the Saints settled for two field goals instead of touchdowns in the first half and quarterback Drew Brees missed by a hair on a couple of deep throws, but time after time against the Falcons the Saints defense just could not get off the field.

I give Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan full credit. He played the best football game I have ever seen him play at the NFL level, but he got outstanding blocking up front from a makeshift offensive line and has four very good wide receivers.

It was shocking to see the Falcons roll up 568 yards of total offense, the second most given up in Saints history.

It was a track-meet game and the team with the ball last won.

But the Saints helped with poor tackling, little to not much of a pass rush and miscommunication issues from the linebacker and secondary units.

The Saints on paper had 23 missed tackles. This was an area the Saints had really improved upon under the tutelage of Rob Ryan in 2013.

That was not the case in Week 1 of 2014.

But poor or not good tackling was not something surprising in the opening game, it was the lack of a pass rush and the communication issues that really stood out.

With Falcons left tackle Sam Baker out with a knee injury and his replacement Jake Matthews injured during the game you would think the Saints would have had a field day rushing the quarterback.

But the only sack the Saints got came from the inside not the outside.

When much is given, much is expected. What happened to Cam Jordan, Akiem Hicks and Junior Galette against Atlanta?

Teams will pick on cornerback Patrick Robinson, but Atlanta, with a gold chip wide receiver in Julio Jones, a still very effective player in Roddy White, a very good third wideout in Harry Douglass and the “X” factor in Devin Hester, also picked on Saints top cornerback Keenan Lewis.

Lewis is the most valuable player on the Saints defense due to the position he...
Looking for the moment -- Mike Detillier
Posted On 09-06-2014

Looking for the moment

By Mike Detillier

The course of history changed for two franchises in the regular season opening game of the 2013 NFL season.

In the season-opener, the New Orleans Saints were coming off a 7-9 campaign and with the return of Sean Payton as head coach.

They went up against the Atlanta Falcons, who had lost in the final minutes to the San Francisco 49ers in the 2012 NFC Championship game.

It was the typical Saints versus Falcons game, coming down to the final drive and a final play. Seven out of the final eight games between New Orleans and Atlanta have been decided by six points or less.

The Saints defense made some big plays late and the Falcons helped too.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan hit halfback Steven Jackson right at the goal line with a perfect strike and the future NFL Hall of Fame running back dropped the football.

Everyone in the stands and on the sidelines knew who would get the ball next. Ryan tried to hit future NFL Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez with a touchdown pass, but the ball was batted up in the air by safety Kenny Vaccaro and intercepted by Roman Harper.

Had the Saints won this game on offense, it would have been expected, but instead it was Rob Ryan’s defensive calling card with the Black and Gold and a strategic football turning point for a defense that needed something good to happen.

The 2012 New Orleans Saints defense gave up more yardage than any other team in NFL history. But in a critical moment, a few Saints defenders made a play.

And it helped send the Falcons in a tailspin.

The same group of players that were just an inch away from playing on Super Bowl Sunday faltered due to injuries, no rushing game, not being a very physical team on both sides of the ball and they did not play with the same defensive confidence they played with in 2012.

The Falcons finished the season 4-12.

One game, a couple of missed opportunities and a huge play by the Saints defense was the story.

That 23-17 season opening loss to New Orleans looked as though it took the air out of Mike Smith’s football team and put that same air of confidence into a Saints defense that was hoping to make a big play and finally did.

In 2013, the Saints defense gave up 304 points — the third fewest amount in...

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